Monday, July 31, 2017

MERC Camp 2017

Morena Bloggers

Today I will be telling you about camp. On Wednesday morning we went to MERC Camp at Long Bay. I went in my Dad's car while the other students were on the double decker bus.

On Wednesday we went and did activities like planting dunes at the beach. On the second day we had even more sports for example Giants ladder, archery, sailing, and raft building. On the last day we did a Multi Sport challenge. It was lots of fun but we needed to get home.

The most challenging thing at camp was the Giants ladder because the wood was getting further and further apart and it was quiet hard to get down the Giants ladder because it was very high but I managed to get down the Giants ladder by trusting my team mates.

My biggest achievement on camp was not being scared of heights and being brave.

In the Giants ladder we needed to use teamwork to climb up. To help the person get up, we needed to put one leg down and the other leg must be bent straight and the person could climb up.

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