Friday, November 3, 2017

This week reading

Hello bloggers

We have been reading lots and lots we started everything yesterday we have to finish all of it today and I did it.

I have been doing my follow up task, newspaper bingo, and blog commenting.

Doing my follow up task was easy to do we had to summary our groups book it was very easy to do it so here is a link to my follow up task Click here for the link.

Doing my newspaper bingo was a little bit hard we had to go to kiwi kids news and write about it it was very hard to find an important one but I found a really important one here is the link to my news paper bingo Click here for the link

And finally doing my blog commenting was very easy I found the best blog ever and commented on it it was great commenting to someone but I have to add Helpful, Thoughtful, Question, and Positive.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How To Stay Safe In Copyright

Kia Ora Bloggers

Today we have been learning about how to stay safe in copyright with Gerhard . We had to watch a video read an article and make our own of how to stay safe in copyright it was challenging to make one cos we had to think of how to make one.

Here is an image of how to stay safe in copy wright I hope it can help you in
public here is the image

Thank you for reading this blog I hope it helps you everywhere.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

collaborate using Google apps

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Today we had Gerard visit our class RM 8 Hansen class and teach us about how to collaborate.

We had a task to put our name, picture, and our favorite movie onto a grid. We also had to write what is collaboration and we had to put the definition of collaborating. Next we needed to put what collaboration means and a video of collaboration, and we had to make five rules for collaboration with other students.

I learned a lot of things about collaboration. I learned about the definition of collaboration not only that I also learned when we use collaboration. We use collaboration sometimes in maths and collaboration means working with someone to produce or create something.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Term 3 reading

Bonjour Bloggers:

This term we have been learning in reading is about chickens we did lots of things.
We did Follow-up task, Poem task and commenting on blogs.

When we did Follow-up task we needed to do the following question the questions are what it means synonym of the word and make a sentence of that word this is the link to it.

Follow up task

When we did our Poem task we needed to read the poem and pick one stanza and illustrate it by befunky and post it in the ocean we needed to put anything that came up on our minds it was easy here is a link to it.

Poem task

We also did commenting on blogs we needed to click on the link that our teacher has setup in the reading tumble and click on the person we want to comment on our teacher said to at least comment on 2 blogs.

Commenting blog

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Monday, July 31, 2017

MERC Camp 2017

Morena Bloggers

Today I will be telling you about camp. On Wednesday morning we went to MERC Camp at Long Bay. I went in my Dad's car while the other students were on the double decker bus.

On Wednesday we went and did activities like planting dunes at the beach. On the second day we had even more sports for example Giants ladder, archery, sailing, and raft building. On the last day we did a Multi Sport challenge. It was lots of fun but we needed to get home.

The most challenging thing at camp was the Giants ladder because the wood was getting further and further apart and it was quiet hard to get down the Giants ladder because it was very high but I managed to get down the Giants ladder by trusting my team mates.

My biggest achievement on camp was not being scared of heights and being brave.

In the Giants ladder we needed to use teamwork to climb up. To help the person get up, we needed to put one leg down and the other leg must be bent straight and the person could climb up.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Matariki information

Bonjour bloggers

Today we have been learning all about Matariki. Our teacher gave as a listening test about Matariki we had to listen carefully for the answers we had questions in our sheet

The questions are:
When does Matariki appear in the sky?
What are two other names for Matariki?
What does the brightness of the stars mean for the temperature?
and How do people celebrate Matariki?

Here is a video of Adrian and Kanishka telling you the answers to the questions above and the answers are sentences:

this is the video for the answer above me and my partner

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