Monday, June 26, 2017

My First Animation

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Today I have been learning about how to Animate things with the other classes.

We used a presentation to create what we are animating.

When we were in the presentation slide we click view and there were a lot of things came up we clicked at master to have the background there was lots of options but the right option was where we are when it pop up we clicked on the image button and this was my first animation anyway there was a teacher helping us her name was Ms. Fortes we clicked on the image what the teacher said and we clicked the x mark just at the black rectangle and there you'll find the x mark.

After we've done that we went to insert and clicked image the teacher said that search for ninja star we searched for that and the teacher said click the first one and when we have got that we made it smaller.

After we have finished putting the ninja star we clicked on the slide and clicked Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v and we had another slide and made 24 slides but some maybe has more and have more slides or some are less and have less slide and we had to move it around until it reaches the other side.

After we have done that we clicked on file and there were lots of options but the right one was Publish to the web we clicked on that and clicked on 3 seconds and made it to every second when we have done that there were two small little boxes and clicked on both of them and when we have done we clicked publish and when we have done that we copied the link and paste it but we changed 1000 to a different number and after that we pressed  enter when we have entered we clicked on the right triangle and it played fast.

This is the link to My First Animation:

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  1. It's an amazing piece of work which represents the application of the knowledge gained in class by students. Well done !!